Parkland High School Cross Country Web Site

Web site design and delivery from Soup-to-Nuts.  I identified and registered the domain, implemented the site, produced the graphics (from actual PHS XC photos), created a google calendar integrated into the site.  Check it out at

The site is built on WordPress for ease of transition, rich supply of third party applications and to facilitate other board members updating content.  Kudos to Mrs. Daphne Newman for much of the content.

Parkland Cross Country   Booster club for Middle School   High School programs

KBGH Swim Club Web Site



I have transitioned from Treasurer to IT Chair on the Swim Club board and I am responsible for the maintenance and development of the web site and all other IT needs (Wifi, PCs).  In the past 2 years we have transitioned the majority of payments and registration activity to online, with efficiency and control improvements.  The site is functional and looks good.  Credit is due to my predecessor, Vincent Zaffiro, for pushing forward with the forms and booking applications.

Kernsville 5th Grade Celebration Slideshow Video


On behalf of the PTO, I created a 25 minute slideshow with dynamic transitions, contemporary music with sanitized lyrics, a time-lapse video, and a sprinkling of fun and surprises.

This task required soliciting photos by upload, email and prints for inclusion in the show from the approx. 100 families.  I also worked with the teachers to obtain favorite memories for every one of the students.

The show was displayed live in HD during the ceremony and I created a DVD that was replicated for every family.  The DVD had a printed label and insert (see below).

I received great support from the school librarian/resources teacher (Mrs. Debra Newhard) and I had an excellent experience with the printing and replication of the DVDs with AMP Recording & Duplicating Service.  Great flexibility and quality and very fair pricing.  The PTO were likewise extremely supportive, including upgrading the school’s projector.